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Aio Wireless takes a cue from Sprint's Framily plan with new group discounts


Cheesy moniker aside, Sprint's newly minted Framily plan is not one to be ignored. It allows you to save money by sharing an account with, well, friends and family, all while being billed separately on up to 10 lines. Following in similar footsteps, AT&T's prepaid subsidiary Aio Wireless has now announced Group Save, which allows users to get a maximum monthly discount of $90 per account. It's simple, really: the more lines you add, the more cash you save every month on your bill total, not per line. With Aio's Group Save, you can have up to five lines; the first two get you a $10 discount, while lines number three, four and five knock off $30, $60 and $90 per month, respectively.

The Sprint offering, on the other hand, is a little bit more complicated. Each added line takes $5 off the initial $55 plan fee, but you can only get a maximum discount of $30 on each line, as opposed to, say, $40 if you had eight lines on an account. To be eligible to use Group Save, existing accounts will have to be on a qualifying Aio Wireless plan, including the Basic, Smart and Pro. Meanwhile, those of you on the $25 Talk & Text option will have to switch to one of the aforementioned to take advantage of these savings.

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