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Sony continues to trim the fat, dumps Square-Enix stock


The PlayStation 4 may be leading home console sales, but that doesn't mean Sony's bank account is in the black. The company has made a minor habit of garnishing its quarterly earnings reports with notable losses, and it's been selling off assets (including its own headquarters) to help balance its budget. Its latest liquidation is the company's 8.25 percent stake in Square-Enix, the outfit behind jRPG hits like Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest. The ¥4.8 billion ($46.9 million) Sony expects to pocket from the sale is only a dent in the $1.1 billion it estimates it lost last year, which leaves the sale of Sony's other headquarters and its VAIO PC business to help make up the difference. This might mark the end of Sony's financial support for Square-Enix, but gamers shouldn't be worried: The game developer has a long, loyal history with the PlayStation brand.

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