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Incoming Sonos update will liberate your speakers from your router


One of Sonos' big selling points is its wireless functionality. Not only does it mean you can set the hardware up easily, wherever you like, it also keeps your man-den, pool house, or conservatory cable free (power cord aside). One small fly in that ointment is that you need to plug at least one of your Sonos speakers into your router, or buy the firm's "bridge" unit usually at an extra cost. More good news from the firm, then. Apparently that's going to change in the not too distant future. The boffins at Sonos have cooked up a software update to allow all your hardware to create the mesh network it uses for streaming, without the need for plugging anything into the router. You'll soon be able to configure speakers with your smartphone, and once that's done, Robert's your mother's brother. If you live in a huge country pile, or military bunker, you might still need to give the system a leg up, and plug a component in to your router directly, but for the rest of us, it's one less cable to care about. Good times.

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