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Nest's Learning Thermostat may be headed to Google Play

Nicole Lee, @nicole

Since you can buy pretty much nearly every Google device -- that's all the Nexus gadgets, the Google Edition phones, the Chromecast and all those Chromebooks -- on Google Play, it only makes sense that a product from Nest, the search giant's latest acquisition, will be listed there as well. It's not in the Play store just yet, but the eagle-eyed folks over at Droid Life noticed that the smart thermostat was listed on Google Play's support pages as being available for Canada, the UK and the US (we've got a screenshot of it after the break). It appears that Google has since pulled the listing, which leads us to believe it was premature. Nevertheless, it certainly seems plausible given that Nest is now officially part of the Mountain View family. As to whether we'll see the Protect on Google Play, however, depends on how soon that whole accidental-switch-off thing can be fixed.

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