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Leaks hint at a sleeker UI and a Google Now-like service on the LG G3

Sarah Silbert

The latest rumors about LG's G3 handset have mentioned a Quad HD display, but now it's time to take a look at what you'll see on that screen. According to leaked screenshots acquired by Digital Trends, the upcoming smartphone will feature a completely new interface with a flat design and brighter icons, along with a revamped notification drawer with circular icons. The screens show a phone UI that's leaps and bounds sleeker than what you'll find on the G2, and it's a more than a tad reminiscent of Apple's aesthetics in iOS 7.

An improved design is one thing, but the leaked screens also hint at some new functionality. The G3 appears to offer a concierge-like personalization tool, which apparently pulls in weather and other info à la Google Now. Digital Trends' source says LG's software will "go beyond Google's system," which likely means a huge focus on learning your habits in order to deliver better suggestions.

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