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Help fund an oral history of EVE Online


Andrew Groen, a games journalist whose work has appeared on such prestigious outlets as Wired and Ars Technica, wants to demystify CCP Games' epic space opera EVE Online, and he needs your help to do it.

For the past six months, Groen has been gathering information and conducting interviews with EVE's most prominent community members, with the goal of compiling his research into a lengthy account of the past decade of EVE Online's existence. For most, EVE Online is a game that only registers when word spreads of a massive space battle or a particularly dramatic bit of interstellar intrigue leads to the loss of thousands of real-world dollars, but Groen hopes to crack open the game's thorny exterior and make it more accessible to the average person, while also building the first detailed history of the virtual universe. "I'm writing this because there is simply no way for people to learn the history of EVE, and it's getting more difficult every day," Groen writes.

Those worried that Groen's book will be a long-form fluff piece devoted to making the game and developer CCP Games look good should rest easy. Groen claims to have spoken to CCP, and the studio agrees that it should have no oversight over his work. Of course, that also means that CCP will not be funding this book, so Groen has turned to the online masses for the $12,500 he requires to complete the project. Though the fundraiser launched just this morning, Groen has already attracted plenty of support, which bodes well for the success of the tome. For more information and to toss money into the ever-expanding pot, pay a visit to Kickstarter.
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