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Darkwood brings roguelike survival horror to Steam Early Access


Following a successful crowdfunding campaign, developer Acid Wizard Studio has announced plans to bring its unorthodox survival horror game Darkwood to Steam Early Access.

As Richard mentioned, Darkwood differentiates itself from the legions of other spooky games via procedurally generated horror. Each time you step into the gloomy, Soviet Bloc landscape, the world around you is created anew, offering more replayability than one would expect from simply glancing at Darkwood's relatively rudimentary top-down, pixel art graphics. What's more, Darkwood also features RPG-esque character progression and crafting mechanics, which lend additional layers of complexity to the superficially simple frightfest.

Unfortunately lacking from Acid Wizard's announcement is any word on when exactly Darkwood might reach Steam Early Access. The developer claims it simply wanted to keep would-be players abreast of the situation - plus, the announcement provides a handy excuse to debut the teaser you see above.
[Image: Acid Wizard Studio]

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