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Rumor Roundup: OS X Arcata


Updated 11-Inch and 13-Inch MacBook Airs Reportedly Coming Next Week (MacRumors)

Some French website we never heard of before this week announced that refreshed MacBook Air models are coming out next week. The rumor blogs are so starved for legitimate news that they all leaped upon this non-story like hyenas.

MacRumors claims the site says this comes from a "reliable source," but nothing like that shows up in the Google translation of this page. In fact, the site doesn't reference its source at all. BREAKING: your credibility.

Apple's Future OS X Names May Include Yosemite, Mammoth, Big Sur, Redwood, Pacific, and More (MacRumors)

In total contrast to the previous piece, this story from another French site shows an impressive degree of sleuthing. Personally, I'm looking forward to OS X 4:20 - Arcata. (Only people who've lived in Northern California will truly understand.)

Hints of Touch ID Support for iPad Found in iOS 7.1 Code (MacRumors)

A couple lines of code seemingly hint at Touch ID support coming in the next iPad models. This is not a surprising development at all. It would be more surprising if Touch ID support wasn't in the cards for the next iPads.

iPhone 6 renders supposedly meant for accessory manufacturers leak, claim 6mm thinness (9to5 Mac)

So many amateur designers have produced mockups of the next-gen iPhone that it's difficult to accept this isn't just another of their ilk instead of a legitimate design leak.

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