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WildStar puts up patch notes for its latest weekend beta

Eliot Lefebvre

It's about a month until WildStar launches in full, possibly while playing an electric guitar and riding a motorcycle over a bus that's been set on fire. That means that the patches are coming fast and furious with each weekend beta, and this weekend is no exception. The most recent patch trims up some lag and instability issues while also updating and improving several aspects of the game, from character customization to Warplot functionality.

For example, players will no longer be subjected to having facial customizations that don't quite work, nor will they be able to hurl themselves to their doom while building Warplots. War parties now require at least 10 members online to queue as a group. Players will now be limited to editing their costumes at Protostar Dye Specialists in Illium and Thayd. Dead players may no longer be the target for starting a duel (not counting Mordesh, obviously). You get the idea. Check out the full patch notes for a clearer picture of this weekend's beta.

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