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Full Bore continues its puzzle-focused dig on May 6

There are plenty of open world adventures to be had in gaming, but they typically follow human, weapon-wielding heroes. Full Bore's four-legged protagonists, Frederick the boar and Heidi the sow, are a change of species pace. Players lead both animals through an open labyrinth of block puzzles, digging toward an underground reminder of what the game's Steam page calls "Boarkind's darkest hours." The first half of Full Bore has been available since September, but developer Whole Hog Games is combining the second half's May 6 release with Full Bore's Steam debut on PC and Linux.

The Steam page notes that more than a hundred areas are spread between Full Bore's halves, with one third of them hidden behind secrets and puzzles. Using brainpower to clear hurdles will help Frederick and Heidi reach new areas as they dig ever closer to Boarkind's forgotten past.

Full Bore's Steam version, which includes both Part 1: The First Dig and Part 2: Into Hard Earth, is priced at $14.99.
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I wrote a poem for you about this little game.

Full Bore officially launching on Steam on May 6.

I made a new trailer to go alongside my previous email about "5 Reasons to Dig the Pig"... and obviously, since I actually made it, I'd love for you to take a look :)

Steam page is up.

If you think this is the same exact game as the one that launched last year, you're wrong! This one's twice as long, with numerous new features (like the rewind mentioned in the vid)

Pretend you're a pig
Who just loves to dig.
Better yet, a boar
Who'd like nothing more
Than to frolic all day
With butterflies, but nay...
When you think all is fine,
You fall down a mine.

You're lost, underground.
You daren't make a sound.
You can feel someone's eyes
Down there in the mines.
There's much to discover
And gems to recover.
You must find your way out;
Of that, there's no doubt.

On May 6 you can play
A game I would say
Is well worth your time;
It looks quite sublime.
A puzzle adventure
With an ungulate avenger.
On May 6, do a jig
And dig, pig, dig.

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