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Kill gods on the go in Vita's new God of War Collection


For those days when you're going to be out of the house but still feel an undying thirst for bloody vengeance comes the God of War Collection, a Vita re-release of the original God of War and its sequel.

Originally launched in 2009 for the PlayStation 3, the God of War Collection modernizes the first two God of War entries with improved, higher-definition graphics, a full complement of trophies and additional control options for the Vita's touchscreen quirks. Despite these additions, God of War Collection should still contain all of the key elements that made the original games such a hit: surly, bald dudes, copious arterial spray and a slanted take on Greek mythology that draws more inspiration from Heavy Metal magazine than Thomas Bulfinch.

Though pre-orders initially listed God of War Collection at $40, the actual, final version of the game is now widely available from retailers (Amazon and GameStop being prime examples) at only $30.
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