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Worms dev flings Lemmings-inspired Flockers onto Steam


Worms developer Team 17 is trying its hand at a new IP, even if it's borrowing some victims from an old one. Flockers is the studio's sheep-ish twist on puzzling classic Lemmings, and it's out now on Steam Early Access.

Like in Lemmings, your job is to guide your animal minions to safety through a 2D level of obstacles and traps. You've got a variety of tools to help you get through each of the 25 Early Access levels, including turning your fluffy flock into jumping, flying and exploding solution-makers. Unlike Lemmings, Flockers takes places in a grisly steampunk factory, complete with axe blades, spiked wheels, and the profusion of blood those things provide.

If you fancy saving the Flockers from some mutton-mashing, Team 17's offering the Early Access version at the discounted price of $15 in the US, and £12/14 euros over the ocean. The UK dev plans to pump more levels into the game before the final release, and add "physics object" creation to the level editor, which is already available.

[Image: Team 17]

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