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Some companies are already paying employees in Bitcoin, but it's complicated


Direct deposit, stock options and the traditional paycheck are all outmoded: the future of employee wages, apparently, is Bitcoin. At least that's how Bitwage, a virtual currency payroll firm, feels about it. Bitwage reached out to 150 Bitcoin-friendly companies to see how they felt about implementing a Bitcoin-based payroll; of the 38 that responded, nearly half have considered it and about ten percent (read: four companies, after the math) have already done it. It's a novel idea, but the payroll company's own survey highlights some of the problems: the virtual currency isn't recognized as legal tender in most countries, which makes it incompatible with several European wage regulations. Companies would have to deal with the cryptocoin's curious tax status, too -- though Bitwage helpfully points out that there are firms (wink wink, nudge nudge) that can help with that sort of thing.

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