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Oceans roll into Landmark today

MJ Guthrie

It's official! Landmark is no longer devoid of water. Thanks to today's update, players now have oceans to frolic upon, if not in. Players who are eager to dive in and swim about still have to wait; this first phase of water deployment only supports walking on it, not swimming in it. However, those who currently have claims that are completely submerged can access their land by using a shard and teleporting.

Additional changes with this update include moving item upgrading from the new tech forge to the stone forge, placing additional crafting stations at the hubs, adding the ability to sift stone to the sifters (and changing how sifted materials are converted into gems, ore, and relics), introducing sea shell props, and giving players the ability to group even when on different servers. Check out all the details in the official patch notes.

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