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Samsung's new mirrorless camera tries to fuse style with modest specs


For some, Samsung's NX mini mirrorless camera went too far in catering to the style-minded; while it's eye-catching, that small sensor and reduced control won't please demanding shooters. Appropriately, the company is bridging the gap between the mini and the bigger NX300 with its new NX3000. It has a svelte profile closer to that of its tinier sibling -- like it or not, the NX2000's grip is gone -- but it has the larger (DSLR-sized) 20.3-megapixel sensor, mode dial and hot shoe (with bundled flash) of the NX300. This mid-range camera even straddles the line when it comes to lenses, as one variant includes a 16-50mm stabilized power zoom lens that's shorter than the 18-55mm kit optics from heftier NX models.

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As with Samsung's other 2014 mirrorless cams, you can expect NFC pairing with mobile devices, WiFi image transfers and party tricks like the selfie-oriented Wink Shot. You're still giving up some features over the NX300, though. The NX3000 carries the mini's basic 480 x 320 flip-up display and microSD storage, and you're stuck with the slowest max shutter speed of the current lineup -- at 1/4,000th of a second, this may not be the best choice for shooting at high apertures in bright light. It may, however, be a good choice if you're cost-conscious. The NX3000 will start at $479 (with a regular 20-50mm lens) when it ships to the US on June 1st, and the power zoom kit will cost only a bit more at $529.

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