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Sky News launches on-demand hub for Sky+HD boxes


News programming isn't something you'd think a good fit for catch-up TV when up-to-date reporting is so readily available. That's why we were a tad puzzled to hear about Sky News' catch-up service launching today, probably because it's better described as a news content portal accessed via your Sky+HD box. With videos split into several categories, you can quickly take in the day's headlines and bulletins, visit the featured section for important stories and longer reports, and look specifically at happenings in the tech and "showbiz" worlds. You can also check on the weather, and delve into Sky News' archives to revisit important events, as well as catching a variety of weekly round-up shows, including some new ones. All things considered, it sounds like a pretty good idea as long as the interface is slick enough, bringing the browsing style of news consumption websites afford us into the living room.

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