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Breakfast Topic: If Warlords had a new race...

Matthew Rossi

I've been thinking about this one for a while. If Warlords of Draenor had new races, what would they be? Would there be just one new race, like in Mists of Pandaria, or would we want to have two? For the Alliance, it's very hard to imagine what new race we could get - saberon and arakkoa are the most likely options, and neither of them seem all that likely. For the Horde, I gotta say ogres again. It always seems like such a mistake that the Horde never got ogres.

But perhaps I'm not thinking outside - or even inside - the box enough. Would a new skin for an old race be enough? Brown orcs for the Horde, perhaps? Of course, since we're traveling back to a Draenor where the orcs never drank the Blood of Mannoroth, then one assumes that warlock magic never became so commonplace, thus there would be few if any broken, but characters like Garona and Lantressor of the Blade bring to mind another option - half draenei, born from orc and draenei both. And frankly, this could be another neutral race - a whole starting experience could be designed around how the half-draenei decides which side of his or her heritage to embrace.

I know we're not getting a new race this time around, and probably don't need one with all the new character models. But I still like to think about it. What about you?

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