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ID@Xbox trailblazer Nutjitsu hits Xbox One


Nutjitsu is the second ID@XBox game to make it onto Xbox One, and you can grab the self-published offering now for $6.49. Developed by Keflings studio Ninjabee, the game's a top-down stealth puzzler in which you use ninja wiles to squirrel your way around samurai fox guards. Ninjabee released it on Windows Phone 8 last year, and this week's arrival on Xbox One represents its console debut.

April saw the ID@Xbox program pump out its first game in Strike Suit Zero: Director's Cut. To name a few, other games on the way include Super Time Force - that's out next week - Guacamelee: Super Turbo CE, Divekick: Addition Edition, 1001 Spikes and Roundabout.
[Image: Ninjabee]

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