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Twitter shuts up your annoying friends with Mute

Nicole Lee, @nicole

Twitter has just announced a new mute feature that'll let you shut up the annoying people in your feed, at least temporarily. If, say, one of your friends is at a conference and is just babbling non-stop about the parties he's attending, you can now mute him. This removes his tweets and retweets from your timeline without you having to unfollow him altogether -- think of it as a kinder and gentler blocking, if you will. He will never know that you've muted him (unless you tell him of course) and will still be able to fave, reply and retweet you. And of course, you can always unmute him later when he's being less annoying. A mute feature is something that third-party apps like Tweetdeck and Tweetbot have had for awhile now, but it's just now being incorporated into the main Twitter offering. Both iOS and Android versions will have it, and the feature will be rolled out to Twitter's web interface as well. The feature will be available in the "coming weeks," which means you'll have to endure your friends' inane ramblings for only a little while longer.

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