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Syrmo teaches you to skate better, captures your sick tricks

Jon Turi, @jonturi

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Skateboards have seen their share of electronic add-ons lately, but most are designed to take the effort out of cruising around. But leveraging some tech to conquer 360° kickflips and other tricks sounds far more interesting, especially when failed attempts pile up and you could use a helping hand. A trio of skaters armed with hardware and software skills have finally tackled the problem, and their solution is Syrmo. It's a device that fits under your board's trucks and adds motion tracking, Bluetooth and internal memory to your otherwise low-tech deck, so you can sync with the companion app. The software aims to capture 3D-rendered replays of tricks coupled with stats on height, air time and distance -- letting you see if that ollie was really as high as you thought. In addition to skimming through the day's progress, it plans to provide social, geo-location and automated video editing features. Those high-drama moments when the board's in mid-flight can be automatically enhanced with slow-motion effects and trimmed into easy-to-share video clips. The Kickstarter page is live if you want to cruise on over to show your support. Who knows, Syrmo may just take some of the pressure out of learning to land those flips.

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