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Battleblock Theater bundled with Castle Crashers for Steam launch


The Behemoth launched party platformer Battleblock Theater on Steam today, and is offering some special discounts and bundles to celebrate. For starters, those that don't already own Battleblock Theater and the developer's popular beat-em-up Castle Crashers on Steam can download both games for $22.49, or receive Battleblock Theater on the cheap with a loyalty discount for already owning Castle Crashers. If that isn't enough savings for you, Battleblock Theater is 10 percent off ($13.49) its standard $15 price tag for its first week on Steam.

Those that own both games also have access to special unlockable content thanks to the "Can't Stop Crying Pack." The Castle Crashers knight opens up to Battleblock Theater players, whereas the latter game's character Hatty joins the pillaging crew in the beat-em-up game, bringing a golden whale orb and gem sword for the ride. Each discount is good until Thursday, May 22.
[Image: The Behemoth]

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