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Boca Raton's most expensive home has Star Trek and Call of Duty-themed rooms


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As much as we love Star Trek, we've never thought about modeling our home after the USS Enterprise. But then, we've never had $35 million in our back pocket, so what do we know? A mansion in Boca Raton has gone on sale for that eye-watering figure, boasting a bar and cinema based on the NCC 1701-D bridge, complete with security desk and pastel brown seats. The property is being sold by businessman Marc Bell, who decked the property out with a Star Wars-themed lounge and a Call of Duty-inspired games room. When you're done geeking out, of course, you can relax in the well-appointed gym, full-sized basketball court, or just relax with the home's 1,500-bottle strong wine cellar. Don't worry, we'll bring the corkscrew.

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