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War Thunder launches Ground Forces, complete with trailer

Eliot Lefebvre

Have you ever sat down to play War Thunder and thought to yourself that it's missing something? Maybe you have. Maybe you've though that what it really needs is tanks. A lot of them. An entire world of them. They could call it something compelling, like... how about "Planet of Armored Vehicles?" Or Ground Forces, that would make sense too. Especially since that's what the team at Gaijin Entertainment did call it.

Yes, the Ground Forces expansion is now live, allowing every player to take part in a landscape of mechanized weaponry. There's a launch trailer just past the cut celebrating the inclusion of this global set of armored artillery, complete with plenty of shots of planes being shot down by anti-air vehicles. So if you like the idea of taking the gameplay out of the air and onto the ground, the game has you covered now.

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