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Darkstalkers art tome sinks its fangs into North America


The monstrous pugilists of the Darkstalkers universe remain entombed in Capcom's fighting character vaults, awaiting the day that they might be revived for a sequel. While that wait seems interminable, fans can now delve into the series' gorgeous artwork thanks to a new release from Udon Entertainment.

First revealed at Comic-Con 2013, Darkstalkers: Official Complete Works is a softback, 224-page compendium packed to the gills with official concept art, rare design documents, series' tributes and interviews with the Japanese developers who created the cult-favorite yet largely forgotten fighting game franchise.

As with all Udon products, you can likely find Darkstalkers: Official Complete Works at your local comic book shop, though, depending on where you live, it may be easier to simply order the book online. Udon's website lists a $40 price point for Darkstalkers: Official Complete Works, while Amazon has it at just under $29, with free shipping if you're an Amazon Prime member.

For more details, and a 10-page, full-color preview, visit the Darkstalkers: Official Complete Works website.
[Image: Udon Entertainment]

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