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Neil Druckmann talks visuals for The Last Of Us' PS4 port

The Last of Us: Remastered isn't going to drastically overhaul Ellie and Joel's venture through clicker-infested environments. It might not even use new features like the DualShock 4's touchpad, though Naughty Dog is toying with ideas to see if any are worth pursuing. What it certainly will do is look better than its PS3 origin story, thanks to the boost in power gained from movin' on up to the PS4. Creative director Neil Druckmann recently chatted with Edge about this summer's improved port, explaining the team's approach to getting the most from a platform for any game.

"We always build the best possible assets and then we can make the call when things aren't fitting onscreen or in the frame buffer or in memory," Druckmann explained. "That way we can pick and choose what we need to emphasize in a moment, and where there's a compromise on what can [be more detailed] or reduced to a lower quality."

In the case of the PS3 version, the character models used in cutscenes were more detailed than in-game models, and environmental objects could be swapped out with lower-quality counterparts depending on a scene's focus. In contrast, the PS4 version should be able to sidestep most of the technical hurdles involved with dated hardware. The port still involves rebuilding assets though, given that the original version's engine and much of the project's work was tailor made for the PS3.

Though the to-be-bundled "Left Behind" DLC will be unlockable after completing Remastered, new audio commentary for cutscenes will make its debut and be available from the start. Recordings will feature dialog between Druckmann and Ellie and Joel's voice actors, Ashley Johnson and Troy Baker, respectively.

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