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Such livery, very race: Dogecoin car to join NASCAR '14


In its quest to accurately recreate the thrills of NASCAR, developer Eutechnyx has revealed plans to distribute Josh Wise's car in an upcoming NASCAR '14 DLC release - a car that just so happens to bear the confusingly endearing face of doge.

Unfamiliar with doge? We don't how that's even remotely possible at this point, but as a quick primer, the online humor researchers at Know Your Meme describe doge as "a slang term for 'dog' that is primarily associated with pictures of Shiba Inus (nicknamed "Shibe") and internal monologue captions on Tumblr." Over the past year, doge has grown into such a beloved Internet fixture that fans of the Bitcoin cryptocurrency developed Dogecoin, a similar virtual currency that bears the adorable, mischievous smile of doge in place of the Bitcoin logo or the face of a long-dead politician.

That brings us to earlier this year, when teenaged NASCAR fan Denis Pavel was watching a race and noticed a black Ford with no sponsorship livery to speak of. Given that most NASCAR entrants are equal parts automobile and rolling billboard, this machine stuck out like a sore thumb, prompting Pavel to rally members of the NASCAR subreddit to raise the $50,000 necessary to cover Josh Wise's car in a full-body Dogecoin ad.

The livery proved immediately popular, especially among younger NASCAR fans. Seeing this, NASCAR '14 developer Eutechnyx decided to add the vehicle to its racer in an upcoming DLC pack. "As the company behind the NASCAR video games and mobile games, we love to see more technology-oriented partners getting involved in NASCAR," Ed Martin, executive vice president of Eutechnyx, told CNN. "I think it will bring NASCAR to the attention of a lot of people that haven't been exposed before." So far there's no specific date for the DLC release, but we've attempted to contact publisher Deep Silver for further information and will report back when and if we hear anything.
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