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Fight the (super) power as Kim Jong Un in this bizarre retro-styled shooter


Ah, the '90s. A decade of mullets, heroin-addled rock-stars and 16-bit video games where North Korean dictators waged one-man wars against the United States. Wait, what? In Glorious Leader!, you play as modern-day despot Kim Jong Un in a retro-styled 2D fight against the entire United States Army. Over the course of seven levels, your task is to destroy the Western invaders either on-foot or on the back of a unicorn, and if you can enlist a pal, they'll play as Dennis Rodman. Seriously. Developer Moneyhorse Games stresses that the game is purely tongue-in-cheek and is promising a November release for mobile devices and the PC. Until then, if you want more Sega Genesis-styled mayhem, the teaser after the break will have to do.

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