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Rumor Roundup: 'Sketchy'


After a storm of iPhone rumors last week, the past few days have been relatively calm. Perhaps the wealth of actual news in the form of the 10.9.3 update and Apple + Google's agreement to end their patent war temporarily distracted everyone from the typical dog-and-pony show of nonsense.

There is, of course, still nonsense to be found. There always is.

'iWatch in 60 Days or Bust' Analyst Claims Apple Developing a 3D Printer (MacRumors)

From the article: "Analyst Trip Chowdhry has made a number of outlandish predictions when it comes to Apple." That's putting it mildly. This is the same guy who said Apple would "disappear" if it didn't announce an iWatch within 60 days. By the time this article is published, those 60 days will have elapsed. Something tells me Apple will still be around. Call it a hunch.

From the article: "Chowdhry provides little to no details on Apple's 3D printing plans." Well, there's a shocker. Some analyst makes a wild claim about Apple's future plans but provides absolutely no evidence to back it up? This is the most astonishing development since the "water is wet" controversy of 1983.

MacRumors did an uncharacteristically good job of tearing down this guy's exceedingly weird claims. As for any future issuances from this particular analyst's word hole, I have only this to say: if Trip Chowdhry issues a note to investors saying the sky is blue, carry an umbrella. For the rest of your life.

Latest sketchy photo from Weibo: a giant iPad dummy reboots rumors of iPad Pro (9to5 Mac)

9to5 Mac continues two marvelous rumor blog traditions: posting mockups as though they're actually newsworthy items, and considering said mockups "sketchy" but still writing about them anyway.

From the article: "We should note that this would be very easily faked, so the validity of the picture is very much up in the air." Not only could this very easily be faked, it is obviously faked.

Where are you guys going to draw the line? If someone in China draws a rectangle on a cardboard box, then writes "iPad" on the rectangle, takes a picture, and posts it to Weibo, are you going to post something about that "sketchy" photo of a mockup, too?

Don't answer that. You don't have to. We both know you totally would, without hesitation.

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