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Amazon's Prime Instant Video gets its first HBO shows, right on cue


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If you've been waiting for the day you could marathon The Wire without buying a DVD set or an iTunes pass, your moment has come: as promised, Amazon has rolled out the initial wave of HBO shows on Prime Instant Video. Those shelling out $99 per year (or $79 if you're lucky) can now stream every season of older series like Deadwood, The Sopranos and The Wire as well as a handful of seasons from ongoing productions like Boardwalk Empire and True Blood. You'll also get a smattering of comedy specials, documentaries and movies. While you'll have to remain patient if you want to watch fresher shows, such as Girls or Veep, this is still a big deal if you want to see what you've been missing on premium cable TV -- or if you'd just like to revisit a favorite episode.

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