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The Daily Grind: Do you resent PvP balance tweaks for impacting PvE?


For a good long while I was downright antagonistic to all things PvP, whereas today I do my best to peacefully ignore the fact that PvP happens in MMOs. A big reason for my former hostility wasn't because PvP is a different style of gameplay that I didn't enjoy, but because I'd often see my PvE skills nerfed or negatively tweaked because they were considered overpowered and unfair in PvP. My teeth grated at the injustice of my PvE experience being dinged because of what happened over there in PvP-land.

Not all MMOs handle balance issues between the two worlds this way, as some create different skill sets for each, but that's unfortunately not always the case. It's also possible that devs have gotten a lot better at melding the two worlds when it comes to skills and talents that are carried between them. I'm still wary, however.

So do you see this happening, and if or when it does, do you resent PvP balance tweaks for impacting PvE?

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