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Amplitude clears funding goal, races toward finish line


Harmonix has successfully matched its $775,000 goal on Kickstarter for Amplitude with 21 hours remaining in the campaign. The Dance Central developer recently admitted that its crowdfunding goal amounted to "less than half of the project budget for the game," the rest of which will come from the studio's wallet. Harmonix held a telethon via Twitch to raise funds for the game, performing songs and playing the original Amplitude for viewers.

The original Amplitude achieved cult-hit status after its 2003 release on PlayStation 2. The game was a follow-up to Harmonix's 2001 music game for PS2, Frequency. Harmonix's goal with the new version of Amplitude is to re-create the frenetic action of the rhythm games, where players guide a ship down a colorful highway and press buttons to match notes in line with the music being played at the time.

The project was just shy of $400,000 as of Monday, at which point Harmonix announced the inclusion of music from artists Freezepop and Anamanaguchi on the game's original soundtrack, among others. It raised $170,000 in its first two days after launching on May 5, then remained relatively quiet until supporters rallied around the project this week, pulling in over $150,000 on Tuesday alone, according to Kicktraq.

The developer was in need of a little good news following its strong reaction to Microsoft's announcement of the Kinect-less Xbox One console. The new Amplitude is expected to launch in March 2015 for PS3 and PS4.

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