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This is Apple's first "smart watch"


We're all waiting for Apple's seemingly inevitable foray into the world of smart wearables, but you might not know that the company dabbled in the idea of a wrist-worn computing device as far back as the 1980s. The peculiar contraption you see above was designed to be wrapped around your wrist and used as an input device, as you can see by the oh-so-80s column-shaped buttons.

The keypad was meant to pair with an Apple-branded headset that came equipped with a single earpiece and a thick wraparound microphone. Neither of these devices ever made it out of the concept stage, but they both clearly show that Apple was considering wearables many moons ago.

The photos come from Hartmut Esslinger's book about the early designs of Apple products. Titled "Keep It Simple: The Early Design Years of Apple," the book was published earlier this year and features some seriously obnoxious retro Apple devices, most of which never graced consumers' hands.

[via AppleInsider]

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