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Voices of Transistor, Gone Home, Hey Ash in Gravity Ghost


Gravity Ghost, the adorable planet-circling physics game, is getting some high-caliber voice talent from Ashly Burch of Hey Ash, Whatcha Playin'? and Borderlands 2, Logan Cunningham of Bastion and Transistor, and Sarah Elmaleh of Gone Home and Resonance. The full voice lineup with background information on all of the actors (and sound clips) can be found on the Gravity Ghost dev blog.

Gravity Ghost is the "bastard child of The Little Prince and Mario Galaxy," as Designer Erin Robinson puts it. Players take on the role of Iona, the game's 12-year-old protagonist tasked with exploring and restoring her galaxy. She encounters seven magical guardians and must navigate the gravity fields of their planets to complete physics puzzles. Plus, it's pretty in a childlike, fantastical way.

The gallery below shows off images from three of the game's 20 story cutscenes. Players discover the scenes in any order. "In this way they'll have to make sense of the story themselves," Robinson says. "Like Pulp Fiction, but cuter."

Gravity Ghost is up for pre-order now for 33 percent off, $10. It's due out this year for PC, Mac and Linux.

Gallery: Gravity Ghost (Story cutscenes) | 3 Photos

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