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World of Warcraft bikes take shape in episode 6 of Azeroth Choppers

Eliot Lefebvre

Despite delays and distractions, Team Alliance and Team Horde are nearing the finish line with their World of Warcraft-themed bikes in the latest episode of Azeroth Choppers. Episode 6 doesn't show us the finished bikes just yet, but you can get a sense of what both vehicles will look like as the teams start putting the finishing touches on their bikes. The episode also looks behind the scenes at Blizzard, showing the process for converting these machines into in-game items.

Of course, the premise for the show has involved a contest from the start, not just for the teams but for the players. Voting for which bike design should appear in the game will start on May 29th, and fans are advised to start voting early -- the close of the polls is on June 2nd, just enough time to film the conclusion. You can watch the full episode just past the break.

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