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Where is My Heart? explores Steam on PC, Mac on May 29

Following initial plans to release Where Is My Heart? on PC and Mac last September, the journey to rebuild a pixelated universe will now reach both platforms via Steam, Good Old Games and Humble Store on May 29 for $7.99. A Linux version is also coming, though it will launch "soon after" the others. Hey, better late than never, right?

Designer Burnie Schulenburg explained that there were too many things that just "didn't work" near the initial September release date, which sounds like a pretty solid justification for a delay. Beyond its impending availability on computers, the incoming version of Where Is My Heart? will introduce new levels, a tweaked user interface, customizable controls and a level select system.
[Image: Schulenburg Software]

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Hi Mike,

back in 2013 you wrote about Where is my Heart coming out, as we announced it then.
Sadly, we couldn't hold our promise and it was delayed. (There was still too many things with it, that didn't work.)

So, apologies for that...

Now we're ready though. Here's our website.. Where is my Heart

Release is on Steam, Humble Store and GoG next week, Thursday May 29.

You can find all the details in our Presskit here:

Thanks and kind regards and again sorry for messing that up last time,

Bernie Schulenburg
Designer of Where is my Heart

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