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Looking for something to play today?


It's a holiday today in the States and we've got grillin' to do... oh, who are we kidding? We've got to spend it catching up on our backlog. A lot of good games already launched this year and many of them are available through digital distribution networks, so no need to trudge to the store to satisfy your impulse. We've listed some recently launched, highly-rated games below, but feel free to browse our entire review section for more:

Here are some recent digital games, got anything you're playing right now?

Transistor - "The perfectly executed turn is consistently rewarding, while uncovering the dark side of Cloudbank and untangling the motives of the Camerata proves enticing enough to draw you along."

Child of Light - "Admittedly beautiful world that rewards you for exploration with oodles of hidden treasures in the form of potions, buffs and oculi."

Super Time Force - "As a twitchy shooter, Super Time Force never lets you catch your breath and stand firm in time, leaving you under ceaseless pressure."

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