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Spotify alerts Android users to hack, new app now available (update)

Sharif Sakr

It's not all good news over at Spotify HQ. The music streaming service says it's just investigated a security breach in which one unlucky user's account was hacked. Despite the apparently limited scale of the attack (at least compared to what happened to eBay last week), Spotify evidently considers the incident to be pretty serious: Over the next few days, it'll start asking users to re-enter their login details, and it'll also push out an update to folks who use the Android app -- a step that will additionally require any offline playlists to be re-downloaded. Meanwhile, if you're the person whose account is at the center of all this, then by now you should have received some special instructions all of your own.

Update: The new app is available in Google Play, and it's really a new app. Upon updating their existing version, Android users will no longer be able to use Spotify (hold off on updating if you're not in range of a good connection) and are directed to a different listing in Google Play. You can find the new app here, and it will prompt you to uninstall the previous version once it's installed.

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