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Rumor Roundup: New iMacs definitely (not) coming at WWDC


Report: Apple planning iOS-controlled smart home automation platform for WWDC unveiling (9to5 Mac)

People love to make unsubstantiated claims like these immediately before Apple's events. Almost none of them ever come to pass, which sends the tech press into full-on spastic mode, accusing Apple of failing to innovate because the company failed to live up to their predictions.

Will this rumor actually come true? Who knows. This bit doesn't exactly inspire confidence:

"Today's report doesn't, however, provide much info on the technology behind the new platform."

Just to review, we have a grandiose claim, but no truly specific evidence backing that claim up. Maybe this rumored platform actually will debut at WWDC, but if it doesn't, don't pretend to be disappointed.

KGI: Every new iOS device this year will be equipped with Touch ID, sensors to be more durable (9to5 Mac)

Notice that we're now referring to the research firm itself, rather than the "accurate" analyst associated with it? I wonder why that is.

Anyway, the first half of this report deserves a forehead-slapping "duh." I don't think anyone honestly expects that any new iOS devices launched this year won't have Touch ID. AS for the second half of the report, analyst soothsaying over supply chain shipments is about the least reliable prognostication possible in the world of Apple rumors.

German carrier allegedly enticing customers to stay by claiming Sept. 19 'iPhone 6' launch (AppleInsider)

From the article: "The date itself is likely an educated guess." No, really? You don't say? Is there $ome rea$on you cho$e to publi$h thi$ entirely $uperfluou$ article anyway?

Rumor: Foxconn to build 4.7" & 5.5" 'iPhone 6,' Wistron to assemble Apple's legacy 4" model (AppleInsider)

Oh, really? Sounds juicy-

"...according to Taiwanese tech industry publication Digitimes."


This article doesn't make even a passing mention of Digitimes' accuracy record, which is about on par with the long-defunct Weekly World News. Digitimes churns out more fiction than even the most prolific of novelists. Not a single word it says is to be trusted or taken at face value. There is plenty of historical evidence for this.

Anyone pretending to be a reputable purveyor of Apple news who is still citing Digitimes as a reliable source on anything remotely related to Apple is not worth a tinker's damn.

Apple to Announce Beats Acquisition This Week, Drops Price to $3 Billion (MacRumors)

Turns out this actually happened, so the rumor blogs can put another one in the "win" column for the first half of this year, right next to the only other story they've gotten right so far.

Also, it seems that "Apple doesn't spend big money to acquire companies people have actually heard of" is no longer a valid defense against stupid acquisition rumors, so I expect to hear more nonsense about Apple buying Twitter, Facebook, Tesla, and many more over the coming months.

iWATCH LEAK: New report reveals crucial design details for Apple's iWatch (BGR)

SURPRISE: BGR plays fast and loose with the definitions of the words "leak" and "report" ONCE AGAIN by citing the ravings of some analyst we've never heard of before today as evidence for this completely speculative and evidence-free non-story.

In other words, business as usual.

References to new iMac model discovered in OS X 10.9.4 developer preview (9to5 Mac)

From the article: "The model, dubbed iMac 15,1 could be shown off next week at Apple's WWDC conference." Oh, a new iMac at WWDC, you say? Sounds promising...

It looks like Apple might unveil new iMacs next week at WWDC (BGR)

Oh, and now shipping times for the current iMac are slipping? Curiouser and curiouser...

Apple expected to debut cheaper iMac and 8GB iPhone 5s at WWDC [u] (AppleInsider)

Now "noted KGI analyst Ming-Chi Kuo" is saying the iMac will be updated at WWDC?! Well, that's it then. Done deal. We'll definitely see new iMacs at WWDC. It doesn't get any more "reputable" than Ming-Chi Kuo.

Wait. What's that [u] in AppleInsider's headline?

"Update: In his trademark style, well-connected insider Jim Dalrymple of The Loop put the kibosh on Kuo's predictions, saying "nope" to both a cheaper iMac and 8GB iPhone 5s launch at WWDC."

Hang on. Someone contradicted three separate rumors, including one from someone the rumor blogs have dubbed "the most accurate Apple analyst on the planet?" Who is this guy Dalrymple, and what's his accuracy record?

Oh... he's someone who actually is well-connected with Apple and a reputable source on the company, and he has a 100 percent batting average. I see. Well, so much for all those bogus iMac rumors then.

WWDC will be happening on June 2. Be sure to watch for a cyclone of last-minute rumors from everyone and everywhere.

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