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Do you want widgets in iOS?


Of all the differences between iOS and its competitors, the lack of widget functionality on Apple's mobile OS is one of the decisions that often polarizes user opinions. If widgets were to be introduced to the iPhone and iPad, it's of course unclear how it would potentially look, but Jay Machalani has whipped up some pretty striking concepts of the idea.

He calls his fictional iOS widgets the iOS "Block" and has created a video showcasing how the feature would look in action. You can read all about his idea on his website, but an important question remains: do you even want widgets on your iDevice?

From weather and reminders to iMessage and music, there's a lot of potential to turn your iOS home screen into a living, breathing command center, but -- and this is a big "but" -- iOS has thrived without it for a long, long time. So I put the question to you, if Apple were to embrace an idea like this, would you welcome it with open arms, or pretend it doesn't exist?


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