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Rumor: From Software's Project Beast emerges in video form


Speculation is mounting over a rumored From Software game codenamed Project Beast, after what appears to be gameplay footage hit the web today. The video, spread over four separate clips (combined into one above), tallies with screenshots posted a few weeks ago. The clips bear an obvious likeness to the studio's Souls games - minus the shotgun, that is - suggesting we could, perhaps, be looking at the next entry in the action-RPG series.

However, From Software hasn't announced a new Souls game nor has it announced it's working on something called Project Beast. So far, the evidence for Project Beast remains limited to the clips and screens posted this month, so take what you're looking at with a great big grain of salt. Fans are clearly excited for a new Souls entry, and while we'd expect From to be working on one, this may not be it.

Gallery: Rumored Project Beast screens | 9 Photos

That said, it wouldn't be the first leak this week, though unlike Battlefield: Hardline the Project Beast footage is much shorter and broken up. That could suggest at a plant rather than a genuine leak, or perhaps an elaborate hoax. With so little to go on, it's hard to say what we're looking at.

Like the initial screenshots, the footage was first posted to 4chan and then on NeoGAF. The screens surfaced earlier this month via a 4chan user, supplemented by a separate NeoGAF user who posted three more images. One screen denotes Project Beast as the working title, and several of the screens appear to be lifted from newly published clips.

When we spoke with Dark Souls 2 director Yui Tanamura last year, he said he'd want to use new-gen power to focus on the physics of a hypothetical next Souls game: "In order to implement a physics engine, we'd need more machine power and more CPU power. That can only become possible if we were to create a game for the, for example, PlayStation 4 or Xbox One. So that's something [I'd] personally be paying attention to if [I was] to create another [Dark Souls] title for the PS4 or Xbox One."

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