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The Daily Grind: Are digital game platforms a convenience or an annoyance?


Everyone wants to be Steam, I guess. These days, it's all the trend for studios and publishers to tie their products down to a digital game platform for the "convenience" of offering news and game access in one place. Glyph and Arc are just two of the more recent high-profile programs taking a shot at Steam's dominant grip on the gaming community, and I suspect that more will come.

So do you see digital game platforms as a convenience or an annoyance? I am of a divided opinion on the subject. Yes, it's nice to have multiple game launchers streamlined into one place, but that's convenient only if I'm playing more than one title. More often than not, it's an extra click or two plus an ongoing background program that I didn't really need in the first place.

What say you? What say we all?

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