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ASUS' 20-inch 'portable' all-in-one PC has gesture controls and a carrying handle


"Portable" can mean different things to different people, and ASUS is also severely stretching the definition of the word with its new 20-inch all-in-one PC. The built-in battery will apparently go the distance, as long as said distance takes five hours, while a fold-out handle ledge offers a way to carry it without getting finger smudges on the screen. The unit weighs in at 3.2kg, and when we gingerly picked it up to carry, we were left wishing for a handle that was a little more substantial.

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The AIO is pitched at families, with built-in gesture controls and navigation for web browsing and more, as well as an adjustable hinge, attempting to offer plenty of different ways to swipe around Windows 8 (yep, it's a touchscreen). While it has no pretensions of being a games machine, there's still 4GB of RAM, a Core i5 processor and NVIDIA's GeForce 820M graphics powering it all, complementing the 1,600 x 900 IPS screen. As ASUS' big Computex presentation kicks off, we haven't been given a price yet, but if Jonney Shih decides to fill us in, we'll share the knowledge.

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