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iOS 8 details battery usage by app


Today's WWDC keynote was so chock full of new information that even Apple's own executives seemed to be rushing from new feature to new feature. Invariably, now that the dust has settled and people are getting their hands on iOS 8, new and intriguing tidbits that Apple didn't have time to touch on are coming to light.

One feature in particular that's worth highlighting is iOS' new found ability to provide battery usage information on an app by app basis. The news comes to us courtesy of Evan Coleman (via MacRumors) who uploaded this iOS 8 screenshot to Twitter earlier today.

This will undoubtedly be a useful tool for any user who has been frustrated by unexpected and mysterious battery drain. Hopefully, the battery woes that plagued users upgrading to iOS 7 won't be as prevalent with iOS 8.

The Italian-language site Ispazio has another screenshot of the feature which provides a more informed portrait of the UI.

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