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Apple to bring peer-to-peer AirPlay to Apple TV with iOS 8


The ability to use AirPlay to stream your iOS content to your Apple TV is wonderful, but limited. It's easy enough to use at home, but when you visit a friend's house you need to connect to their wireless network before you can stream. When you're visiting someplace new or don't have access to the network this can be frustrating. Thankfully this issue will become a thing of the past with iOS 8.

Under iOS 8 your iPad or iPhone will be able to discover new Apple TVs without being connected to the same network. This integration will make Apple TV a more logical option for business use. Imagine being able to walk into a presentation and quickly display your charts or slides without having to set up a laptop or connect to a network. For social situations like a party where someone wants to share a funny video but you may not want to give them your WiFi password, this feature is going to save a lot of time.

Apple has yet to announce how exactly it is going to accomplish this feat. It's possible the system will work similarly to AirDrop which combines Bluetooth discovery with a Wi-Fi direct connection for sharing data. We will give you more details as they become available.

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