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Apple rolls out new fitness-centric iPhone ad titled "Strength"


Hot on the heels of a report that Apple is hoping to produce more of its own TV commercials in-house comes a new iPhone ad that debuted last night during the NHL Stanley Cup Finals. The new ad, appropriately titled "Strength", is rather fitness-centric as it shows the myriad of ways in which iPhone users are using their devices to get in shape.

In case you're wondering, and you likely are, the song featured in the commercial is a quirky little number called "Chicken Fat." Composed by Meredith Willson and sung by Robert Preston (both famous for the Broadway and film musical "The Music Man"), the song was created as part of a program designed to increase exercise amongst school children in the 60s. In fact, the song was "the theme song for John F. Kennedy's youth fitness program."

Go, you chicken fat, go!

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