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Watch the Xbox E3 2014 press conference right here!


It's that time of year again, can you feel it? It's E3! What will you be playing this fall on the Xbox One's first birthday? We'll find out today, and you can watch along as it happens. What should you expect? Probably more details on the Halo: Master Chief Collection, a heaping helping of the console's colorful (and from the looks of it, pretty wacky) shooter Sunset Overdrive and some of Forza: Horizon 2's fancy rides. But wait, there's likely more: you like Call of Duty, watching movies and TV shows on your Xbox and charming indie games too, right? Well, based on previous years we should see more news about those too. So be sure to check out our liveblog and follow along with the press conference that's embedded just below. It'll be fun!

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