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Secret's new Dens will keep your confessions within company walls

Nicole Lee, @nicole

When you spill your guts on Secret, that post is sent anonymously to a network based on the people on your phone's contacts list, and if it gets enough hearts, it might even go viral and spread out to the rest of the world. But say you want to post an inside joke that only your co-workers might understand, or maybe a secret lunch tip that you'd only want people in your college to know about. Well, you just might be able to do so thanks to a new feature that the folks over at Secret are testing called Secret Dens. A "den" can be an organization like a company or a school, and anything that you post to that den will be strictly confined to those walls -- no outside sharing allowed.

If your organization has signed up for the Den feature, you can add yourself to the Secret Den with your work or university email address. From there, you can post to the Den by adding "@yourdomain" to the post. Posts shared to that Den will have the den's name on the bottom left corner, and interestingly, anyone from that domain can remove anyone else, which might be trouble if anyone gets into a petty spat at work. You'll need to be on Secret's invite-only list to sign up and the feature is still in its pilot stage, so maybe it'll change once it's ready for release. Head on over to the source to find out more about the "den" feature and if it's something you want for your place of work.

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