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The Division splits off 'new content' on Xbox One first [update: trailer]


"New content" for upcoming Tom Clancy game The Division will launch on Xbox One first. The news was announced in a new gameplay demo at Microsoft's E3 conference today, this time with a team of three storming an opposing group of enemies in the snowy streets of New York on Christmas Day. As we've seen before, the team of players communicated as coolly as a clan of cucumbers while dispatching with one gun-toting foe after another.

The Division is based around a group of "self-supported tactical agents" operating in The Big Apple three weeks after a deadly virus took out the city. It's based around a persistent open-world and multiplayer, and even the game's development engine, Snowdrop, is always-on.

The online open-world game is due on Xbox One, PS4 and PC next year. It was announced for 2014 initially, but Ubisoft re-positioned it last month.

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