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Apps, social sharing and other news for June 10, 2014


Today in the news bin we've got a beautiful new Apple Store, changes to Apple's App Store review policies and a cool new feature for Amazon's Kindle app for iOS.

  • Apple has begun rejecting some apps that reward social sharing. TechCrunch reports that Apple has rejected apps that incentivize sharing on Facebook or watching videos. Think of Candy Crush, for example, and how Facebook sharing has played such a significant role in its success.
  • The updated Amazon app syncs Kindle text with audio books. I love this idea. Now I can listen to a book for a while as I drive around, and then pick up the story on the Kindle app at home. Note that this feature is currently restricted to about 45,000 book/recording matches.
  • A new Tokyo Apple Store has been unveiled. Construction workers have removed the barrier that was previously hiding the new Omotesando (Tokyo) Apple Store. ifoAppleStore has some great photos and video of the gorgeous location. As of now, there's no grand opening date.

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