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Stuck at an airport? Create a music video with your iPhone like this guy!


Being stuck at an airport is never fun, especially if it's an overnight stay and most of the restaurants and shops you might otherwise peruse through are closed for the night. But that didn't stop an industrious fellow named Richard Dunn -- who was stranded at McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas -- from making the most out of his unfortunate predicament in the form of a music video he created with his iPhone and set to Celine Dion's cover of Eric Carmen's 1975 power ballad "All By Myself."

All by myself from Richard Dunn on Vimeo.

Since being posted online, the video has gone somewhat viral, garnering thousands of votes on Reddit over the past few days. In interviews, Dunn explained that the entire video took about three hours to shoot, with his wife shooting all the footage on an iPhone while he lip-synced to "All By Myself" on what we can only imagine was a treacherous loop.

CBC News was able to catch up with Dunn who provided a few more details surrounding how he actually shot some of the footage:

He asked an airport mechanic for tape which he used to secure his iPhone to a ruler. He'd sandwich the pole between luggage bags to secure it as a sort of tripod.


For his big finale, Dunn strapped the camera to a bag and set it on an escalator so the camera zooms out on him as he crescendos. He said he had to do the take and then sprint to the top of the escalator to catch his bag before it was pinned in the escalator.

Incidentally, he chose the song after Googling songs about loneliness. Personally, I think Akon's "Lonely" would have been a better choice, but nonetheless, here's to perseverance!

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